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Supporting families of children with Down Syndrome

If you are reading this page you may have just been given the news that your baby has Down Syndrome. We know for many people that this can be a time of mixed emotions, there is no right or wrong way to react. You may be feeling confused or uncertain about the future. Becoming a member of Stepping Stones DS can give you the opportunity of meeting, and getting to know, other local families with a child with Down Syndrome and sharing experiences. Our families are at the heart of Stepping Stones DS, each family’s journey is unique; all are equally valued and everyone has a part to play in supporting one another.

Perhaps you are reading this page as a parent of an older child, or young person, looking to find support from a group for the first time. Joining Stepping Stones DS can support you by providing opportunities for your child or young person to build friendships with their peer group and give you the chance to meet other families.

Please see below our publication “Our Stories”, this publication is for members, for families, for professionals, and for anyone who ever wondered what life might be like with an extra chromosome; these are Our Stories, a collection of stories from real families, detailing the challenges, opportunities, tears and joys of raising a child with Down Syndrome.

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In addition to providing the opportunity to become part of a local support network, Stepping Stones DS provides a wide range of training, social events and accessible activities for our members, their families and the professionals who support them. All our activities and services are designed to empower, building knowledge and confidence and providing opportunities to achieve and celebrate.

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