Despina Papadimitriou

I am Despina, my partner is Nigel King, and we live in Woking with our four children Oliver, Charlotte, Elliott (DS), Rebecca and our two dogs.  Elliott is at a mainstream nursery and is currently cared for by our Nanny three days per week when I am at work in London as a project manager. Elliott is doing well, he’s crawling and standing but yet to start walking.  He eats well and is generally a happy boy. He will need a heart operations when he’s about three.  I work three days in London and one at home.  I have been working in projects for the last 20 years in planning and management so hope to bring these skills to Stepping Stones. I spent many years, before moving here, volunteering for my local Greek community fund raising, event planning & catering.  Before kids I did many running/cycling events raising money for British Heart Foundation, Macmillan, Cancer UK to name a few. Maybe when I finish having babies I can get back into this, however a yoga-thon might be more down my alley by then.  Stepping Stones has provided my family with a support network for life with a child who happens to have DS and valuable learning experiences for Elliott. I would like to help other families and continue the great work that the trustees have provided so far.