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Charlotte & Morris' Story

"I was seven months pregnant and having a Down syndrome diagnosis for my child was not supposed to be part of the plan.

Going along to Stepping Stones DS’ Stay and Play session before Morris arrived was the start of my journey towards emotionally healing. It’s a long journey, but every step on it counts.

Knowing that I wasn’t alone, meeting these parents and volunteers and being able to freely express my fears for what was upcoming in my life helped me so much."

Read Charlotte & Morris' story in full here: Charlotte & Morris' story

Bella's Story

""Arabella will always struggle in life. She isn’t going to achieve the same things as other children. You’re going to need to lower your expectations."


I got used to hearing people trying to write my daughter off. Why? Because Bella has Down syndrome.

But with the support provided to Bella, her family, and the teachers that worked with her, Bella exceeded everyone’s expectations, including her own.

Bella thrived in mainstream school. She had a strong friendship group which included typically developing young people. Bella is now at college, and will be continuing her performing arts studies in September. We are making plans for her to move into a house alongside her friends.  She can’t wait to enjoy more independence and is already planning her social life!"

Read Bella's story in full: Bella's Story

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