Stepping Stones DS provides a wide range of training to help our children & young people with Down syndrome to

fulfil their potential .



Stepping Stones DS organises a range of training workshops that help to open doors for our children and young people. We view this training as an investment in their future through sharing knowledge, information and support.  Our workshops are open to families, nurseries, schools, medical professionals and anyone with a desire to learn more about Down syndrome. 

Upcoming training

Pre-school training

Pre-School Behaviour - May 2022 Training.png

Primary-aged training

SSDS Primary Literacy Training March & April 2022.png

Secondary-aged training

SSDS Secondary Behaviour & Friendships Training 2022.png

What our families say

 Thanks to Stepping Stones DS, we have and continue to enjoy incredible support ranging from crucial therapies for our son, learning opportunities for our family, enviable social activities to healthy and valuable friendships.

They are an Earth Angel. 

- Irene; Mum to Cruz aged 4