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Make this Christmas #TwiceAsNice

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This Christmas your generosity has the power to go twice as far! Every £1 you donate before 31st December will be doubled.

An extremely generous individual has pledged to match all donations made to Stepping Stones DS from today until 31st December, up to a total of £10,000!

This means your gift will mean twice the joy, twice the support, and twice the difference for our families. Your generosity has the power to touch every aspect of their journey.

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Read on to hear how your generosity has the power to touch the lives of our families throughout every step of their journey.  Here is Arabella’s Nanna, Diane, to tell you what your support has meant to her family:

Diane's Story

The 10th of September 2021 was a day that changed our lives in the most amazing way.
Arabella Grace Knight, our third grandchild, was born at 18 minutes past 3 in the morning. And we sat up waiting for this news all night, just as we had with our previous grandchildren. We couldn’t wait to see her and got little if no sleep that night.
The following morning our daughter called to tell us that Arabella had Down Syndrome.  She couldn’t tell us anything else because she was just numb from the shock.  Katie was 23 and had all the relevant tests. This didn’t happen to women her age, did it?

That was over 2 years ago, and since then Arabella has taught us far more than we will ever teach her.  When I reflect on this past year, I do so with a smile on my face as I have come to realise that the extra chromosome Arabella has is one of joy and happiness.

Arabella’s little personality has come out more and more this year and we look back on how she has grown into it. 


Never one to shy away from the limelight, Arabella will always check the entire room to make sure we have all watched her latest achievement, whether it is her clapping, waving, crawling, or walking.

Miss it at your peril and she will chastise you for it!

Throughout this year we have struggled as a family to find out the information needed to ensure that Arabella is getting the best support possible.
It is not easy and without the support and help of Stepping Stones DS we would be clueless.  They don’t have all the answers but what they do have is the ability to help you find them. 
Take for instance, their Stay and Play sessions; on the outside they look simply like a chance for the kids to play together. But in fact they are a vital source of information and support for family members. Chatting with other parents and grandparents who are on the same journey as you uncovers great pathways which are just not available anywhere else

I can honestly say that without Stepping Stones DS we would still be floundering with no idea where to turn for help.  They were the light at what seemed like a very long tunnel two years ago, and they remain our go-to today."

This Christmas you have the power to help transform a family's life

This Christmas season you have the power to help transform a family’s life. A family just like Arabella’s. Every £1 you donate to our #TwiceAsNice campaign (up to £10,000) before 31st December will be doubled. 

That’s twice the joy, twice the support, and twice the difference for our wonderful families.

And, as a local charity you can be assured that every £ Stepping Stones DS receives is put to great use to impact the lives of children, young people and families

So together, let’s make this festive period #TwiceAsNice for our families. 


Donate today: and your donation will be doubled.
Thank you for your wonderful and life-changing support.

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