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Make this Christmas #TwiceAsNice

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Your support helps children and young people with Down syndrome fulfil their potential all year round. But Stepping Stones DS is not just about providing vital services for our families; it's about the extraordinary community we've built together. It’s about families like these:

This Christmas your generosity has the power to go twice as far! Every £1 you donate before 31st December will be doubled.

An extremely generous individual has pledged to match all donations made to Stepping Stones DS from today until 31st December, up to a total of £10,000!

This means your gift will mean twice the joy, twice the support, and twice the difference for our families. Your generosity has the power to touch every aspect of their journey.


All donations will be #TwiceAsNice! A donation of £20 will become £40. A gift of £50 will become £100. And a donation of £100 will become £200! Remember, this amazing opportunity expires on 31st December, so your gift needs to arrive before then to ensure that it is matched.

Diane & Arabella

Diane and Arabelle MSN.png
Stepping Stones-19.jpg

Your support means that Arabella’s family have been able to turn to Stepping Stones DS for advice and support.  They no longer feel alone in their journey.

“We struggled as a family to find out the information needed to ensure that Arabella is getting the best support possible.  I can honestly say that without Stepping Stones DS we would still be floundering with no idea where to turn for help.

They were the light at what seemed like a very long tunnel 2 years ago, and they remain our go-to today.”

Read Diane's story here: Diane's Story

Elsa & Orrin

Orrin on swing.jpg

Your kindness has paid for Orrin to attend Early Development Groups for the past two years. Orrin's Mum, Elsa, has not only found inspiration for fun activities to help Orrin learn at home, but she also made important friendships with other families. Imagine the joy your amazing support brings to families like Orrin's!

“This year Orrin has really started to develop his signing and is now able to communicate his needs with his hands.  He loves the sessions and gets so excited when he sees Tracy.

He had his first proper word earlier this term too - a proud Mummy moment! We are so grateful to Stepping Stones DS. Thank you!”

Orrin in Xmas hat.jpg

Kat & Sami

Your donations have made a big difference for Sami. From help in the early years to ongoing support in school, your generosity has played a key role in Sami's success. Your contributions not only benefit Sami but also help teachers to provide the best education possible.

“Sami is so lucky to be part of Stepping Stones DS. Over the years she has had massive support.

From early years groups to activities promoting physical development, and now help in reaching her educational goals.  Thank you!” 

Karen & Luke

The festive season is extra special for families like Karen & Luke: Thanks to your support, the family can join our annual tradition of attending the Panto. You ensure this is a magical experience, filled with familiar faces and friendly smiles. Thanks to you, Luke has enjoyed memorable encounters with his idol, Justin Fletcher, making the holidays truly special.

“Luke loves seeing Justin Fletcher and even had the chance to meet him in 2019.


It’s lovely to see so many other SSDS families during the festive season, and it makes the experience of being in the audience feel so familiar and friendly.”

Luke P - panto photo.jpg

Michelle & Theo

Thanks to groups you help to fund; Theo is able to show off his newfound speech, reading and number skills. Your support allows Theo to shine!

“Groups have really helped to provide us and nursery with ideas, and help Theo to focus for longer.”

Stepping Stones DS is about giving every young person the chance to shine and be the best they can be. Your generosity makes such a difference to the families we support.

So together, let’s make this festive period
#TwiceAsNice for our families.  Please donate today and every £1 donated will be doubled.

Families.  Staff.  Volunteers.  Specialists.  And you.  Together, we are the Stepping Stones DS family.  Thank you for being part of this community.  Thank you for helping us change lives this Christmas. 

Wishing you a very happy and healthy festive season!

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